Our Mission

Of the estimated 100,000 children involved in human trafficking in the United States, 60% of them have a history in foster care or residential care facilities. As foster parents, our desire is to raise awareness and donate to causes that directly impact foster children and their biological families. Foster children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and falling victim to sex trafficking and other forms of human trafficking. That's why we are donating a portion of our profits from the sale of every candle to aid in the fight against human trafficking.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Ludington there is an incredible little tea shop with a great big cause. HumaniTea exists to support anti-human trafficking efforts. Their tea inspired our Spiced Tea candle fragrance, and to support the marvelous work they’re doing we've chosen to partner with them in this fight. Our donations are given to HumaniTea's Human Trafficking Prevention and Victim Support Fund through the Community Foundation for Mason County. You can check out HumaniTea to learn more about their efforts and the impact they've made in the fight against human trafficking. 

Together we can make a difference! Thanks to all of your support we've already donated $1,000 to the fund in 2020, and $3,000 in 2021. We can not wait to see what 2022 will bring!

Want to have a greater impact? Here are some things you can do right now:

  • Be informed and learn the indicators of human trafficking
  • Buy from companies that responsibly source their products
  • Share a tip, fact, or challenge for others about human trafficking to raise awareness on social media, or reshare a post using hashtags #letyourlightshine #endtrafficking and #freedomfirst
  • Become a mentor to a young person or someone in need
  • Become a foster parent
  • Donate to your local organizations that support anti-human trafficking efforts

You can find out more by going to State.gov.  Thank you for partnering with us!

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