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How to process a Downtown Ludington Paper Gift Certificate
1. Open the app that looks like a present at the bottom left of the retail iPad
2. Scan the QR code to confirm there is money available on the gift certificate
3. Hit the Redeem button.
4. Now process the order like a cash transaction in Shopify POS and give them any change left over in cash.
5. At the end of the night exchange the paper gift certificate for the cash equivalent out of the white safe to keep the register balance correct. Please leave the paper gift certificate in the white safe.

Important Lists and Documents

Fragrance Oil Actual verses Candle Bar Names (in ABC order for the Actual FO Names)

Fragrance Oil Actual verses Candle Bar Names (in ABC order for the Candle Bar Names)

Pour Guide

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Learning about Candle Making

Candle Making Terms:

What is soy wax?

Choosing the right wick size:

What is in fragrance oil?

How to blend fragrance oils and suggested blends:

How to conduct a test burn:


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How to open and close the register

Processing a sale

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Test transaction

Production Training-Shopify

How to fulfill an order 

How to partially fill an order

How to print a shipping label

How to reprint a shipping label

How to void a shipping label

How to add a product

How to create and print a bar code

How to create a draft order 

How to update inventory