The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts
The Ludington Collection Wax Melts

The Ludington Collection Wax Melts

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Enjoy all the fragrances of the Ludington Collection, without the flame! Our melts are made with domestically grown 100% soy wax, and clean fragrances, infused with essential oils. Just place one or two wax melts into your wax melter to fill any room with your favorite fragrance. 

Weight: 6oz

A base of driftwood and rum paired with whimsical notes of juicy lime, lemon verbena, coconut, and mild undercurrents of jasmine. This beachy fragrance was inspired by the carefree days of burying our toes in the warm sand, sipping our favorite drinks, and listening to the crashing waves as they hit the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. Enjoy your own rejuvenating day on the beach.

Forest Trail
Refreshing notes of cedar, bayberry blends, evergreen, along with rich undertones of cypress, moss, and fir create a perfect “Up North” experience. Take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp fresh air as you saunter through the beautiful trails of the Ludington State Park, Manistee National Forest, or your favorite forest trail. 

Toasted Oak
This earthy mix of vanilla, clove, wood, and smoke, warmed with musk and a touch of patchouli create a sophisticated and calming blend.  A luxurious fragrance reminiscent of sitting by the fire with a warm beverage and good friends.

Bed & Breakfast
Mild lemon peel and red currant top notes, with earthy amber undertones and a woody core encompass the essence of this complex fine fragrance. Inspired by the cozy and comforting Bed & Breakfast homes of Ludington Ave. The sweet smells of dessert from the kitchen complement perfectly with the earth and wood tones of these historic homes. Good times, great conversation, and fine mid-western hospitality create a perfect home away from home.

Spiced Tea
Full-bodied notes of rich bergamot, cinnamon, and cardamom infuse with rejuvenating black tea, clove, and orange peel. Invite the essence of sipping a steaming mug of this much loved, centuries old beverage. Pull up a chair, open up that book, and enjoy the rich and spicy blend of this complex tea fragrance.

Lake House
Memories of carefree days at the Lake House come alive with hints of sweet beachgrass, shea, sage, and coconut giving way to rich undertones of earthy moss, amyris, chamomile flower, and cedarwood. This rich and complex fragrance takes you back to the days of jumping off the dock into the lake, picnics in the grass, and skipping stones.

Sundae Nights
Sweet creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar blend with fruity nuances of banana and cherry to create a decadent sundae fragrance. Inspired by the incredible experiences and flavors of our favorite Ludington ice cream parlor and yours. Nostalgic memories of your favorite treat come to life with this fruity and sweet mouthwatering fragrance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca V

The scent is incredible. It smells like a Smokey campfire hanging with friends with a cozy blanket and a glass of wine on the beach. These melts last forever!

Cindy Fisher
Amazing smells!

I love these candles and melt because the smells are long lasting! The candles burn very clean!!!!

Lisa Reno
I love the candle wax melts

The candle wax melts are very nice i love the sent that i have.. I will be ordering more from you soon..

Jenna Pomorski

The best candles ever!